Monday, December 15, 2008

Twilight Books

Soo into the movie, I decided to buy the Twilight books - 04 books. At current, I only manage to purchase book 2 & 4 only. Book 1 & 3, waiting to be couriered (I bought online through MPH Bookstore). I almost finished book 2 (New Moon), its true reading the books is much more better than watching the movie. It gives you more info as movie potrayed limited action. I love the books..

It's not that soo into Robert Pattinson....I'm sooo into 'Edward Cullen' the vampire in the movie. He's so calm, quite cuite & mature.. Dreamt of him the other day..huuhh. Well, it's only a dream....(sometimes I fell like I'm in the movie..he he he).

Browse through, WOW...there's a lot of 'older fan' that read the books & watch the movie more than 1 time. Myself, 4 times already!!! He he he.

Most of the commented that the movie was like & there. I'm just waiting for the DVD to be released. I shall wait.. My hubby gave me full support, offer to get for me the poster, or buy the movie souvenier gifts...He's soo cool. He did that when LOTR (Lord Of The Rings), bought the books for me, bought the ring & chain for me also!!!! Love you hubby!!!! Always listening...always give support... (macam bebudak kekadang aku nie)