Monday, May 25, 2009


Just finish chatting with my fren, Azizah. She's now working in Abu nye. She's telling me her daily task there....the people in Dubai on her off dayss... Wow, I get soo excited...yet fell like crying. I feel happy for her as she used to work in a 'not healhty environment' here previously. I believe that Allah is great for giving her this opportunity of her life to experience it. "Buat baik, dibalas baik". She's very happy now....she's enjoying every moment of her working there... She's coming back this November..can't wait to meet her. So many stories to tell. She'll be here for a time....can go for teh tarik.

Seronoknye....aku pulak yang seronok giler..he he he. My dream is to travel the world if I to experience the culture, meet different races, people....
hmmmmm...will I ever get the chance??? Might never know....who knows????
Will I ever???? Let us seee.....

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msian expat said...

Ehem-ehem *wink*

Cant wait to see u tis november~