Thursday, July 15, 2010

Joey Mcintyre - Stay The Same

Don't you ever wish you were someone else

You were meant to be the way you are exactly

Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are

When you learn to love yourself, you're better off by far

And I hope you always stay the same, cuz there's nothin' 'bout you I would change

I think that you could be whatever you wanted to beIf you could realize

All the dreams you have inside

Don't be afraid if you've got something to say

Just open up your heart and let it show you the way

Believe in yourself

Reach down inside

The love you find will set you free

Believe in yourself, you will come alive

Have faith in what you do

You'll make it through


Along said...

Sal, ingat tak zaman dulu kita dok tergila2 kat NYOTB ni!! Hhahaha...aku still teruja bila tengok muka Jordan Knight tu..muahahaha...

Sal said...

Ahaaakkss....tu ler psl tetiba yesterday aku terdengar lagu nie..terus pie cari dlm youtube..tu yg jumpe nie....hehehe