Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It is Public Holiday Today.....


Assalamualaikum and A good day to everyone.

I'm trying it, I'm doing it.....huhuhu kata-kata motivation untuk diri sendiri.  As today is a public holiday, memang lepak rumah jer.  Pea is down with fever.  Been taking antibiotics and paracetamol for the last 2 days.  She's recovering. 

Not too much things happen same as work.  I need to do the finalization of listings.  Hah! It has been 2 weeks, I've not looking at it seriously.  As for my exercise regime, yeaahhhh! I am loving it!  Been pushing myself harder and harder each day.  I want to evolve everyday in my life. 

Just keep on doing it till it's show the result you want to.

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