Friday, August 31, 2007


Happy Merdeka Day everybody!!!

Wow!! Can't believe we are celebrating our 50th Independence Day. I can't shut my eyes tonite, don't know why. Maybe the excitement of celebrating the Merdeka Day made me not to sleep. My hubby & daughter already in their dreams.

Anyway, I should have done this blog long time ago. Don't have the time before and now since I'm not working it's a good start for me. I'm trying to get in touch with most of my colleagues from my school days and UITM. For my frens out there, feel free to drop your comments.

1 comment:

sherry said...

wehh.. lama sehh menghilang...
wah.. besh2 udah jadik lady of leisure la ni ekk.. jeles aku..

wehh.. update selalu la blog nih.. letak byk sket gambo anak dara ngko tuh.. yg ada tang profile tu kenit jee.. aku kan rabun.. so tak nampak weh.. ekekekekke