Friday, August 31, 2007


Finally, it's Merdeka Day. Have planned with hubby to bring out daughter to watch the merdeka parade in Melaka town but tak jadi coz my daughter still sleeping till 9.30am. Hemmm..whole day at home, relaxing. Watched the parade from TV only. It was colourful to see the people dancing & singing patriotic song in celebrating Merdeka. A lot of work has been done to make it happen. Congratulations!!!

Well for me, I am "merdeka" now - not working. Being so uptide with hospitality industry for about more than 8 years. Enough is enough for me. No more hotel!! Very tiring...but it's an interesting industry lor..Now, being a full housewife is much more wonderful with my 2 yrs & 6 mths daughter, Sofea. This is more tiring than working. I enjoy this soo much.


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