Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I used to be "macho" at a moment in UITM. For those who knows me, they will understand what I'm saying. Missed some of the activities that I normally do. The "merentas desa", netball, camping especially orientaring through the jungle. The group that I've joined lost their way. Ya Allah! Kecut perut masa tu but we've managed to get out. It was the next day when we managed to find our way out. This was adventuring for me!! I will not forget this incident.

I remembered one of my lecturer, she gave me an advise that I will never forget for the rest of my life. You want to know? Tak boleh lah, secret!! It has changed my life since than. I used to be rough, "selekeh" - when going to classes most of them grooming - pakai baju cantik-cantik, make up & some of them wore "extra" accessories. Me, rambut basah-basah pegi class. He he he...those days where amazing for me. I don't really recall why I choose the DSS10. Maybe it's already "ketentuan" from Allah s.w.t. But I'm glad of the changes in my life and ber"syukur".

No more "macho" for me. Hubby was not really surprised when I told him that. Huh, I think I still have the "macho" touch once a while. Maybe he sees that. Really missed those days where the canteen food - got coakroaches, pasar malam, fasting month - take turn to get the food from canteen, always last minute study and not to forget my favourite "karipap pusing". Satu hari mesti kena sampai 3 keping. Syakilla always reminded me not to eat too much of karipap pusing coz I kena budget. Almost everyday I have to buy macam dah addicted to it. Still loads of memories that still in my mind.

Memories in UITM, Bandar Sri Manjung - Perak will remain forever in my memories.


Anonymous said...

salina.. ingat dak lagi kat kak chaq ni..

Aktif Mama (Sal) said...

Ingat lagi. Selalu jugak lah tgk gambar masa kat UITM dulu. Where r u attached now?