Saturday, September 8, 2007


I've been dreaming of branding my own sports wear especially for muslim ladies. Islamic sports wear are popular among muslim ladies in UK, US & Arabic countries. Casual sports clothing, training, aerobic & also swimming attire. Fabrics, colours and most important is it will covers the whole body except face, hands & feets. Some of us (that wear tudung) wanted to move freely, comfortable, keeps you cool during your activities. I believe lack of proper sports wear for muslim ladies especially in Malaysia. Whenever I go to the beach, I can see that people "mandi" with their black t-shirts, track bottom (bila air laut masuk kat dlm poket, jadi kembung), not safe and not comfortable. Not forgetting wearing the "ordinary tudung" also. Everything is soaking wet and of course definitely will attrack the eye of a man. Like when I do aerobic, I only wear those "small scarf" (macam key) kat kepala just to cover my hair, neck (tak dpt cover). Unless if I wear the normal tudung, it will make me uncomfortable when it comes to it's fabric. The pants (legging) is quite expensive and not soo many choices. Long-sleeved t-shirts is expensive and normally for ladies the "cutting" is small and the length is till your waist or "punggung". Nak angkat tangan tinggi-tinggi pun tak selesa cos baju tu pendek. Unless you buy those men long-sleeved t-shirts that will make you look bigger whereby the length sometimes reach your knee.

I know the price is rather high if we purchase from overseas and that is one of the reason I'm looking into this project. I wanted to create something that is not too costly (affordable) and also comfortable for all ages (children up to women). Some of us wanted to move freely and enjoy whatever outdoor activities that we want to do.

Suggestion anybody??


Kak T said...

Hi Sal,

I was browsing kak chaq's fp when i came across ur blog. I'm not sure whether u recall me or not...Kak Tanty @ Kak T...Anyway it's nice to know that once a boyish Salina is now a mother of one cutie pie..

Aktif Mama (Sal) said...

Hi Kak T,
Tak dpt recall la Kak T. Kalau ada gambar boleh la ingat jugak. Ada masa just drop by to view my blog.