Saturday, September 15, 2007


Currently I'm working as a temp for one of the international bank as a "Service Ambassador". This will only be for 2 months..nak cari duit raya la. Well anyway, daily I have to make sure the banking hall area clean, tidy, brochures/pamphlets replenish & etc. Quite interesting job as I will have to serve guest that wanted to use the bank service. Quite challenging as I am not familiar with their policies & procedure. But it was fun as basically I will be based in the banking hall to assist any guest that require assistance.

Sometime, some guests do not know how to use the cash deposit machine or the scan cheque machine. I will have to assist them in either guide them to us the machine & filling up the forms for them. Ok la. Mostly those old guests that comes alone & you can see on their face that they are LOST!! So far, I've managed to assist them. There are times, loads of guest just walk in at the time bank will closed for the day and others will be packed at lunch hours. Meeting guests is one of my previous job task so it's not that hard. Just have to brush up on the product knowledge of the bank. The job is fun & interesting where NO PAPER WORK REQUIRED except for the daily report that I've to do - straight forward report...not complicated. Other than that, I'm assisting one of the staff to do daily mailing distribution & etc.

Yang best sekali, work only 5 days a week & Saturday/Sunday is OFF day. Wow!! Feel so good whereby on Saturday no need to work!! Well, I'm still doing my "fitness business" with hubby.

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sherry said...

wehh.. kabare?

tempek la lagik gambo anak dara mu itew.. ni bile nak menambah bil ahli keluarga nih?