Monday, September 24, 2007


It's not easy to Walk Your Talk. Bukan senang la. Certain people only can voice out ideas, comments or etc..but to do it, to implement it. It takes full effort, concerntration and most importantly CONSISTENCY!! Do I have it? Really not sure right now. It's really hard la but I'm starting to feel it.

My mission is to create my own branding of muslim sportswear. Need to find the right manufacturer, need to have our own design (if not, nanti org kata kita tiru org punya design), need to set up office/stores and most important is need to have MODAL!! Some people may say that money is not everything...yes it's true. But to start business like this, you need to have money support. Nowadays, people don't just hold to their words, they hold to your money.

Well, I have to apply this "Modal" to start up my business. Your paperwork has to be really good. Otherwise, they will simply reject your application. Surf through some of the people that start up their business online from home. Interesting and really motivating!! Salute them all. I have to start from scratch.... It is important to WALK YOUR TALK if you really want things to happen. Insyallah, dengan restu Allah & family members, my mission will be come reality. I have put some deadline to myself....Let see what will happen....


Anonymous said...

i like ur idea my dear fren..i'll give u my full support..

Aktif Mama (Sal) said...

Thanks a lot. Need all the support that I could get.
Thanks very much again.