Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Have you ever had that fear feeling when you have to talk about something in front of group of people? Like today, I have to voice out my experience with guests that comes to do transactions with the bank. Told them ( group of all the bank employee) what I've experienced and the satisfaction when guest replied "thank you" to you once they have accomplised what they would do. Got a token from the bank..yipee. I have to deal with them - from the right, left, front & back and this is with the great assistance from all the employee there. Thanks guys.. After me, another staff being called to say out her experiences. She got the token also.

Afterthat, one of the staff said "Wah, you soo good in public speaking la. You talk very calm & steady." Felt nothing though as I talked to many guests daily. Maybe for her, its something that she had never seen or seldom see people like me talking in english fluently. I told her that it comes from my public speaking time in school and also my former job that makes me deal with lots of foreigner. She's quite surprised on my voice projection as not so many "malay" can speak well english. I'm not trying to "puji" myself but it's true whereby lots of people (tak kira bangsa or agama) can't speak that well. Unless your education background is in English.

Some of them, talk in "bahasa rojak", mix them. Tak bagus la. This is where we should practice our languages...if you want to speak in English..all the way speak English. If you want to speak Bahasa.....all the way la. I'm just implementing this practice from childhood. When I'm at school, I speak in English. At home, I use bahasa. It also require self confidence and courage to speak in front of people.

Practive makes perfect.

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