Sunday, September 30, 2007


Sometimes you have to make changes in your life and the decision is very important. You will have to talk to your spouse, family, relatives & not forgetting friends. Support from your spouse/family is important as they play a major role in our lifes. There are times that you do not agree with them in different situations and there are times that you need to agree and relook on what their opinion. Implementing or trying to do what best for yourself need full support from them. Myself, now as I have made up my mind not to work for people but work with people. I've been working for people for quite sometime and is time to change by doing my own thing. Work with people is more fun & interesting. You get to know lots of new friends, gain knowledge from them and basically in Malaysia we mix around. I like to mix around with other races as their way of thinking and opinion sometimes does work. Mixing with them doesn't mean we have to follow what they do, where they go & etc. It gives you the courage to move up or in other words "pandang ke depan" and guidance for you.

Great to have those that really give supports and trying or helping to make your decision of your life achieve.

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