Monday, October 27, 2008


My daughter....Sofea. Miss her actually. I haven't got the time to play with her. Yesterday, me & hubby decided to brought her to Jusco and bought some clothes for her.....she's growing. Her weight is about 19kg....fuuhhh yoohh soo bulat lorrr. Most of her clothes can't fit her already.

Seeing her jumping, talking, screaming around makes me realise that she's growing very fast and is the time to have another child..ADIK..

Tak kira la boy or girl, as long we have another one. So it's the time where I have to go for "urut", take medication, relax and most important focus la....with hubby. My mum already 'bising', keep on asking me when I'm going for "urut" know la....mothers'....they know best.....
Next year, Sofea is going for the first taska experience.... let's just wait and see what will happen.

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