Sunday, October 26, 2008


Where are all of them now???? Still working there??? Or elsewhere???? I still remember the days we stayed back late to complete our daily task. Hmmmm, they are very hardworking.. Let me recall their names......Cristy, Salena, Sunny, Mr Wong, Faris, Mr Ong, Jeffrey, Adlan, Zakaria, Ain, Eiril, Chef Sabri, Chef Shafique, Coco, Fifi, Nancy, Jagdish, Lily Loo, Tan Yong
Seng.....alamak yang lain dah terforgot la...Sorry..... Of course still remember my GM, Mr Michael Perdikaris.....hhmmmm lots of memories...
Well, I still remember the day when you guys have to walk round the town with coloured faces, promoting on Novotel opening.....he he he...miss that too!!!
It has been almost 02 years, I left Novotel. Missed working in Novotel, lots of unforgetable incidents...accidents... Well, that has passed. I just wish everybody well...

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