Monday, November 17, 2008


It was a fantastic trip to Phuket & Singapore (5D/4N) - cruising. Me & frens has lots of fun & unsleepy nites. Eating - non stop, talking & laughing - non stop, shopping - like mad people, karaokeing - non stop...fuh yooo...penat la.
But, it was fun & interesting as I've never been to Phuket. Patong Beach was beautiful and there was another beach called Karon Beach. The itinerary was really packed as we only have 1/2 hour to spend for shopping.

The journey from Port Klang to Phuket as about 11 hours (I think). We went to Elephant Riding, viewing some temple, cashewnut shop, jewellery shop and shopping at Patong Beach. The tour guide taught us some Thai word when barganing for shopping...I don't use it at alll...he he he. She also take us back to the Tsunami incident, it was scary when she said the wave it very dark black & 1km in height....soo many people died. Some of my fren did not went for the tour, they went to visit the mosque right at Patong Beach where the Tsunami strikes..they said the mosque is still there....Then, we cruised down to Singapore. We went to Bugis Junction, where all the pasar malam items we could buy. Then we head on to Sentosa Island. We only have 40 minutes
there....oh gosshh, how I wish we have longer time. I've been to Sentosa Island when I was like 05 years old...way back..and now the island itself has loads of games & interesting place for visitation. Developing.. Well, then we head back to Port Klang..most of the time, we spent on board...and our must do KARAOKE..........

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