Friday, November 28, 2008


It's shopping time!! Mega Sale just started today, I can't wait to go. To be very honest..baju I dah takde. Most of my clothes can't fit anymore...wargh..wargh tu la nak besar. Well, anyway I'm planning to go alone but mesti tak best. Must ada companion, sparing partner
baru ada ummpphhh.

I normally bought SCS (South China Sea clothing). Very nice, very cooling..not that expensive. I only bought the one with 70% or 50% discount...10%-20% is a no no for me. Have to budget also, not everything..take-take nanti the end of the month...duit perabih kat baju je...

There's another brand also - FYI..much more nicer that SCS but the price is higher. Takpe kot, sekali-sekali beli baju mahal sikit...penat-penat keje. Nak beli tudung, kasut, handbag...huaa..hua..hua...banyaknye.....tapi tengok budget duluuuu..
Will see, whether I have the time or not...Planning only...belum implement lagi.

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