Sunday, November 30, 2008


General cleaning at home....It has been 02 weekend both of us is not at home, soo our house is like.....'disaster' like dilanda 'tornado'..It's not that a lot of things in the house, it's just the dust, cobweb, 'hair'..(it's mine) all over the house. Fuh yooo...from morning till 11.30am, baru habis. Me sweep, mop the floor. Hubby 'cuci' the bathrooms. Then me wipe the furniture la, the kitchen....penat giler...tu la dah lama cuti.
Every 3 days, I swept the floor..but you know la..dust tends to
be everywhere. Nak tercabut rasanye pinggang. Cleaning the kitchen area lagi dashyat..with the oil stain la, the sink lagi, the operation.
It's a very good morning exercise....basah kuyup satu badan..thank god my daughter jenis yang tak kacau time kite tengah buat keje...if not, myself 'naik darah' la. Actually, it's not that hard to clean the house, it's just when you tend to do it like 02 weeks once or else....taking a lot of time.

My hubby just left the house, pegi org kahwin. I tak larat la. Me & Sofea stay at home.....'melanguk kat umah'.
He just called and ask us to get ready as he wants to bring us out...Yahoooo. I know this morning, I over heard Sofea wants to watch "BOLT" the new movie..Wah wah wah, anak dia minta semuanya dapat..maklum je la..anak baru sorang.

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