Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Went to watch "Twilight" today with Hubby. For quite sometime, we have not gone 'movie'ing together. The show started about 5.15pm at MBO Melaka Mall, we had our lunch McD in the car, 'save time' and we reach there about 4.30pm. Well, we ended sitting at the area waiting. Actually, hubby wanted to watch "Quantum of Solace" but the show started at 6.15pm....very late la. Have to fetch Sofea later. So we decided to watch this. At first the movie was like dull, only talking, no action..but in the middle there are some parts when Robert Pattinson 'Edward Cullen' show his sparking 'Vampire' eyes...and etc...Kristen was good also but the story line is more to romance. Not soo much action. I believe if there is going to be "Twilight - The 2nd"...please oh please...more action pleaseeee...

Over all, the movie was ok for me. I do not know others what are their opinion. I love the scene....trees, mountain.....the city of "Fork"...it just gloomy..a small town. Sleepy already... nite..

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