Friday, December 5, 2008


Ceng..ceng..ceng..Edward Cullen. Skrg nie tgh mabuk movie Twilight pulak. Well, as i said the story line is ok but our "penapis filem", tapis betul-betul la. There a lot of scene that have been cut. And I just don't understand, if the movie is for Adult, then just give it all la. That day, they put 'U' for Umum. What la!!! Be patient.... I'm waiting for the DVD release by Amazon. Can't wait la. Got one of my fren watched the movie, nite time boleh 'mimpi' pulak. Dashyat gileerrr. Anyway, he looks good in the movie but he as himself...boleh la. His new movie 'Little Ashes' already release (kat oversea), in Malaysia not yet. He's upcoming Twilight - continuation will be 'New Moon'. Lambat lagi...year 2010. I'll wait...
His real name is Robert Pattinson, born in UK and he's only 22 years old. Still young... I'm trying to purchase the book (Twilight) tapi not available in MPH book store. Kena check on-line ler. Dah check kat Amazon...ada tapi mahal la...kena tunggu buku tu 'datang' sini.
The soundtrack of this movie, not that bad..I like 'Bella Lullaby'...sentimental and 'Never Think'..hmmm. Most of the song is pop/rock...Dah suruh hubby to look out for me.
Cau dulu.....

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