Friday, December 26, 2008

On Track

Yahooo!!! Oh Yessss!! I woke up & was on my track again....Did achieve on my target..It was a relieved but still a long way to go, as for now ok. It's not easy to stand up & rise again through bad times (I mean my mood swing a lot nowadays - don't know why)..
NO PAIN, NO GAIN right?? It's really challenge my mental & physical these few days. But I LIKE IT!!!! That's me... It's true that when you help people it doesn't mean you will want to get something in return. When you need their help, you ask for it..the right time, the right attitude, the right occasion..they'll definite help you...Alhamdulillah, Aku Bersyukur Pada Mu...

Today, I wake up at 5.30am. I think my sleeping time has changed. Me getting older...iskh iskh iskh....Don't bother. Age is just a number, as long I'm happy with my life now.

Well anyway, since I've got my 4 Twilight series books, just finish no. 1 book - Twilight. Now I know the exact storyline what happen in the beginning...about Edward, Bella, The Cullens, James, Laurent, Victoria....etc. Guess what??? The book was more interesting than the movie. It seems very real & no regrets of buying them online. Had to wait for nearly 2 weeks plus to get those books. I'm starting the no. 2 book - New Moon. And also, can't wait to see the New Moon movie next year.

Bye-bye 2008, here I come 2009


Anonymous said...

Hi's true like what u said the novel is way better than the movie. kak t dah finish new moon n now starting to read eclipse n breaking dawn plak

Aktif Mama (Sal) said...

Hai Kak T,

Sal skrg tgh baca Eclipse. Tak sabar jugak nak tunggu movie "New Moon" in Nov 09... Bukan senang nak dapat the 04 books..Sal order online through MPH bookstore pun kena tunggu 2 weeks...well catch up with u....if you don't mind let me have your email address....boleh YM or FB