Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Losing Weight????

Morning, it's a fresh day today to start a new mission (actually misi dah lama dok pending je). I just finish eating half cup of cereal with low fat milk. Great...then after this I will have to standby some fruits in the car - suitable fruit - Apple.

I've been following the BIGGEST LOSER episod since Feb 09, inspiring, motivating, challenging...but till now I've yet to follow any guideline from the 2 trainer. This is the day that will change my life.......yeesssssss

I really need to change my eating habit...

These are the food now that I should start consuming. Well, I guess I have to endure it as some of the fruits I don't like. Cereals??? I have to alternately buy different cereals. I have ONE BIG PROBLEM.....to over come. When I'm outside the house as I'm meeting clients, doing work in the office, meet frens...that is when I will tend to order load of things that are unnecessary for my body. For example like yesterday, in the morning I ate nasi lemak for breakfast about 10.30am with my colleague. Then at about 3pm I ate nasi goreng pattaya with my fren. You see why???I know I can choose different item such as mee hoon sup, vege sup or anything that liquid...but I chose RICE...that's my weakness.

But from today onwards, I will only eat RICE once a day.....support me la...

And ONE of the most important thing is to EXERCISE. I know my hubby is a fitness consultant, advantage on that but I did not set certain days to follow him to the gym. I did once follow him for few times to gym every Wed but....can't follow most of the time as I meeting up client on this day. My fren suggested to exercise at the nearest recreational park - Bukit Serindit (Tun Fatimah Stadium)...jogging. That's a good idea...but this evening I've appointment at 5.30pm. So my problem is the consistency of going exercise, either to the gym or outdoor recreational park quite hard. Last weekend, me & hubby when to have a look at some of the fitness equipment at MP. They are on sale but none of them suit our BUDGET.... Well I've to take other alternative to exercise.

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