Monday, May 11, 2009


Guilty want to know why??? Coz I'm actually trying to reducing my weigh as I only can cosume 1/2 cup of rice daily...but today I ate 02 times of full rice (a plate of rice la) the morning take nasi telur mata the afternoon about 3.30pm...i eat nasi pattaya.....OMG I feel soo guilty today...just now called hubby to tell him this 'accident'...then hubby said..'why i tak bagi u cukup makan ke? sampai hentam 2 pinggan nasi full....' alamak...slap on my face la..

I'm actually struggling be very honest..I really seldom cook at home...he he he...where got time??? It's not that la..only excuses. Let me tell you theseeeee:-

1) I really really really seldom cook at home cos
- only me & hubby eat. sofea ate at my mum's hse most of the days.
- I really sometimes 'tidak bertenaga' or in other words 'MALAS' nak masak.
- I'm not a good cook but my mum always say that practice makes perfect...

What to cook la??? What to cook??? Got suggestion or not??? Give me la?? I have no idea. Hubby will love if i cook something healthy, not too spice & he likes soup. For quite sometime, I've been cooking fish ball soup, chicken soup, vegetable soup...whatever soup la...till yesterday he said 'I dah boring nak makan soup'..
alamak that is the time I have to find alternative in cooking. My mum always remind me to cook at home as it can reduce your expenses compare to when you're dining out. But I can't help it...most of the times, I'm tired...

Well, starting from today....I promise myself that I will cook something healthy....I have to wonder around the web for healthy 'malaysia' food.....

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