Friday, May 1, 2009


Again. I've yet to find time to update my blog....again...I 'terlupa' or 'no time'..
Sometimes when we are thinking too much think in our mind, we tend to slip away...i mean updating my blog.. ok

1) I had to attend 5 days training (middle of Apr)...Registered Financial like soo bagus like you are going to be someone 'intelligent' in financial planning.
My opinion, it's a good course whereby u've learned a lot on financial risk, management...bla bla bla. To be very honest, i don't like calculating...Maths? I'm suck at it. Since my school years, my fren Adlina knows about this...I really hates maths...i just don't like figures...well managed to complete the 5 'miserable' days.

2) My Sofea birtday's on the 13 April. Early celebration at my sister's house in Johor. Bought 'Power Puff Girl' birthday cake...she insisted on having one though dah puas pujuk...tak jalan langsung. Discussed with hubby on what present to give...thinking of a pair of earings and necklace. Haven't bought them yet..Stayed 1 nite there....went to 'pasar tani' bought few tudung, very cheap at RM10 only. Here they charged at RM20 per piece...I'm going to my sister house this can go shopping tudung again.

3) I have achieved my Bali Challenge...Yahooooooo!!!! But I choose not to go as on the same month there will be conference in Kuching...well I have no choice but to let go my Bali trip.. iskh iskh iskh...never mind there will be next time. I can if I really want to go but most of my colleague not going 'ngam frens' to go with.. Well, now my target is to achieve Taiwan Challenge....Oh yess.

4) Will be attending dinner at Mandarin Oriental (MO) next Tuesday...OMG...what to wear??? Nowadays, I have this problem of not knowing what to wear for dinners...Was thinking wearing a dress but?????? Let me think about it..still have few days to go..

5) Hubby suggested a short break to Cameron Highlands. Horraayyyy!!! But no dates fix yet. Can't go on weekends as he will be away for his 'projects'. Actually I've suggested Bandung or Bukit Tinggi....but he said 'Next year la!!'. alrite then. We have been anywhere for the past 02 years. The last holiday we went was was great & exciting as we went to all 5 island there...(I love snorkling!).

As for now, I think that would be all....maybe I miss out something...hmmm hmmm

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