Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday, I asked hubby to go for a date with me. Hmmm, I sms him like this - "Tonite I wanna date you to watch the Nite at the museum movie. Ticket booked. Please say yessss??". Then few minutes later, he replied, "YESSSS". Tu la no choice right when I said pleaseeeeee.. he he he. Actually it's been awhile since I;ve not watch movie at GSC.
Ok, the 1st step done. Now the 2nd step, to ask my mum to toake care of Sofea for 1 nite. I called & my mum said.."Pegi la. Kau pun dah lama tak gie dating". Fuhhhh, mum also realize that....yahooo. Had dinner at Garden Cafe....the food was good..yummy yummy...Then we headed to the supermarket store to buy something to eat.

Well, NATM2 was was funnier than the 1st one. Quite a full house though a lot of youngster came to watch. Ben Stiller is a good actor...Amy Adams...knew her for The her smile & voice. Owen Wilson, the cowboy...he he he!! trapped in time.