Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WAT 2 DO?????

Now...today my face look like this!!!!! Wanna know why? Coz I'm supposed to go for a jog this evening at 5.oopm but unexpectedly I need to see 1 client. Alamak....rosak rancangan nak kurus nie. I really have to set my time to do exercises otherwise my plan for reducing my weight won't happen. It will stuck forever.

When is the best time to exercise? For me, I think the best time should be in the evening as in the morning I have to go to the office, send my sofea to mum's hse, sometimes washed clothes, sweep the hse, fold the clothes..bla bla bla...hmmmm In the evening.....but if suddenly I got client to meet how??? Alamak, again tak dapat buat. How la???

Pening kepala dibuat nye...I will have to do it tomorrow....Have to, have to, have to. This morning I tried 1 blouse that I bought few months back....argghhhhh can fit in but at the tummy part...yaaakkkssss mcm pregnant - bloated. Malunye....

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