Monday, May 18, 2009


What's the latest movie now? Just got to know that PUSH starring Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning & Camilla Belle. Next will be Angels & Demons starring Tom Hanks...that's all I know. It has been quite sometime I did not go to GSC for last movie was Twilight that I've many times???? Can't remember.

Anyway, these two movie sounds good. Need to book a date with hubby to watch it. Don't wanna watch alone....

Who else willingly to accompany to watch these 2 movies??? Hubby the best person. Well, need to ask my mum to take care sofea but still don't know when to watch. Called hubby just answer...left messages & sms. Tunggula...maybe he has something on right now.

Well, let me see is there any new movie coming up...not in favor or Star Trek....don't really like it but who knows, maybe I would want to watch it.

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