Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's been awhile I've not eaten Secret Recipe (SC) cake. Tonite hubby treat me & sofea for a good dinner. First, we went to eat at Windmill Station (Western Food), food not soo bad but 3 of us was really bloated, stomach full of juices....(ordered giant glass of apple + orange juice)....fuhh yooo...really full.

Then we decided to brought back some snacks..that is SC Cake. I took this chance to order my lovely - Orea Cheese, hubby - Sugar Free Moist Chocolate, sofea - chocolated fudge. We didn't have it there - takeaway, of course.

On the way back, sofea already asked me whether she can eat her cake or not. Told her she can only take it the next morning.....bla bla bla but when we've arrived home, she insisted on having it. Well, what to do....let her have it..but she's only ate half of it. You know la kids...they want us to follow whatever they want to do.....hmmmm can't practise this...not good for her.

Anyway, me & hubby also could not resist it. We also ate ours while watching TV just now. I really can't sleep now cos I'm too full. Hope before 12midnight I can sleep. Tomorrow, I have few appointments.....

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