Friday, August 14, 2009

New Moviessss

I've never watched Zac Efron's before...not even High School Musical..well I guess he's quite a 'hunk'. He still young. 17 Again was like a story that we know the ending. Predictable....Why Mathew Perry? Mcm dah takde orang lain ke....he he he I'm not a fan of him....but I'm a fan of "FRIENDS". When was the last time I review back my memories in high school? Tak ingat pulak...

Ok...hmmmm I like this movie. Much more matured & exciting. I like the storyline..sometimes people tend to do the things that they never think about it. Ahaakksss...laughed most ot the time. Well, Sandra Bullock she's the best. But I think not as good as 'Miss Congeniality'..that movie was good. Ryan Reynolds....I've seen him before....dug in the internet...hmmm he's not bad at all.

This movie? THE BEST!!!! I've watched it alone...kesian kan. Anyway, hubby was not around so I can't stand to wait for him to come I decided to go alone. Very good movie...I was very uneasy to sit properly while watching..(actually, cos citer dia nie all the way action....tak henti2. Terangkat2 ass aku nie)...he he he
Indeed a very action packed movie. The cast...I don't really know them..but I knew Sienna Miller (ex-wife Judew Law)& Marlon Wayans (he played in White Chicks).

I love to watch movies.....

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e i c a h said...

mama aktif...2nd movie tu the proposal kan?..arrrghh..nak tgk citer tuu..i like sandra bullock big time!