Sunday, March 11, 2012

Make It Clear......Move On

Assalamualaikum everyone

Harap semuanya sihat-sihat hendaknya. Last Friday, I met my senior colleague from KL. He came down for visitation clients in Melaka. It was really an inspiring discussion with him. He had open up my "blocked mind" and truly true what he said to me. Be brave, have the courage to do the things that you imagine to do. Dari mimpi ke realiti.........

It is truly an eye opening discussion of where we are, where we want to be, what we want to be in life. Kita adalah manusia yang rugi jika kita tidak langsung mencuba atau teragak-agak mencuba. I've not clear my mind from the past experience, that's not good for me. I've to make it clear where I want to be and move on. Read a lot of books, he said. Knowledge can be the most "Outstanding" material for us to build what we want or should do. He said, AIM HIGH, Sal.......................and this is where I want to go.....

Prudential Star Club to Munich and Prague 2012

After 2 days of thinking and discussion with hubby, it's time for me to turn the page. Incik Hisam suamiku, Terima Kasih kerana mengizinkan aku peluang yang aku inginkan. Insyallah, semoga Allah memakbulkan dan memberkati kita sekeluarga.........amin.

Believe me it's a relieve when you poured out everything in order for things to be & get better for future. I feel relieve, calm and a clearer mind helps me to be more confident, my actions will be more prudent and success is in my hand.

Star Club Munich and Prague aim!!

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