Saturday, December 22, 2007


At last, I've managed to date my hubby. It has been the 02 busiest weeks of me & hubby. One going north east & another one going East Malaysia. Yesterday was like a dating day for both of us. We have not been chit-chatting since both of us busy. Hari Raya Haji was ok. Did not wear baju kurung yesterday, me & hubby took my mum to one of our frens house in Rembau. Eat lemang, laksa & kuih lapis till kembung. Actually, I was having a bad flu yesterday. Can't even open eyes....did took medicine and on the way back from Rembau, I slept.....till reach my mum house pun tak boleh buka mata lagi.

Actually, it wasn't a date. I wanted to window shop for my new spec. We decided to go to MP (Mahkota Parade) then BANG.....we ended watching - National Treasure 2. Nicholas Cage was ok....the rest of the story is not as exciting as part 1. Hmmm...before that my mum called and ask me to leave my Sofea with her for a nite. That's why we ended watching movie and after that having my favourite tosai...go back home...did some revision on a test that I need to complete.

It has been awhile that we have not spend our precious time together. Miss each other!!!

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