Saturday, January 12, 2008


Salam....Well, it's time to re-decorating my home. It has been more than 5 years and need to change things. Firstly, to paint the living, dining and the bedrooms. Still not sure yet on the colours but I really enjoy looking at pastel colour soo in other words....I'm choosing pastel colours for all the walls.

The living room - maybe light turquoise blue with some new frames of picture. The dining room - maybe light peach/yellow/pink...I still don't know, can't confirm yet. Our bedroom - light purple....with some new furniture ( I hope soo, spoken to hubby & he's looking into it).

And the latest one, the room for my Sofea. She's big enough to have her own room. Can't be sleeping with us all time. Not enough space la. I intend to paint her room with pastel lilac/pink colour. Me & Hubby looking around for her bedroom furniture. Been to IKEA last week, I have the white bedroom set in my mind but hubby wanted to wait till we paint her room. Having her own room will be a new thing for her since she's always been squeezing between us almost everyday.

Now, I'm doing general cleaning - taking out all the clothes that me & hubby don't/cannot wear anymore to giveaway. So, I can buy new clothes this year...yippeee. Re arranging all furniture at home and I'm arranging a small office on the last room. Already bought a working table & chair, have yet to think of what to paint for this room....hmm still thinking.

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