Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yesterday, I gatal-gatal go to view semi-D show house in Air Keroh area. Memang cantik la! I like the design as it is double storey semi-D with no back lane. Which is one compound consist of 04 houses. The external design is modern and internal - just nice for my family. It has 04 bedrooms and the living/dining room is located in the same area. Separated dry & wet kitchen..that's what I want! Family area on the 1st floor, connecting bathrooms for the 02 & 03 bedrooms. The masterroom is not that big...(it's good also, tak payah susah sangat bila nak but cleaning). Actually, I prefer to stay in single storey house where my cleaning activites will be faster but since can't find one and if got also, it will be very costly. The price is at RM157++ only....(30 X 55)and I think it is affordable.

There are also single storey semi-D in the same area and the price is at RM260++....(40 X80) wow that's expensive! I don't like the design...especially the kicthen is in the middle of the house..nearer to the living & dining hall...alamak when cooking the smells get all over your clothes.

Told my hubby about it and he said....NOT YET..NOT NOW...arghhhhhh. I understand as my financial is not stable yet. But this house makes me feel like home. I really want to have a HOME. It is something that when you go back, you will feel very calm and relax. The environment there is nice and it is near a school..I can send my sofea there in future. Unfortunately, not I have to be patient and wait.

Sabar..Salina..Sabar...(talking to myself)

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