Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hmmm, how should I start with? Well, FB (facebook) is one of those 'it' thing today. Connecting with all your colleagues in school, college days, formerly working colleague is fun. Getting to interact with them, knowing what, where they r is interesting....but there's one incident yesterday that make me realised some people they never appreciate what they have in life.

Let me tell you, I have a fren in my UITM time in Manjung Perak. Those days he tried to make me 'special' in other words (girlfren la). At that time I wasn't aiming for that as I'm only 18 yrs old. I'm more to having fun, meet new frens...etc...etc...
We were connected by FB few days back & he told me he still he did asked me to introduce to some of my 'single' frens & I did that.

Well, I've not gone through his photo profile when he said that he is open for a relationshiop. So, I did it yesterday.....& OMG!!!! He's married with 3 kids!!!Why is man like that? They like to tell lies? They never want to reveal the truth...honesty??? Arrrgghhh, I was soo piss off yesterday & decided to 'slam' him at the wall through my sms. He said he was trying to ask me whether have I looked through his photos. Directly, why he don't wanna tell the truth?? Why? Why wait untill I found out in not a nice way? Is he afraid? Is he try to be playful with me?

I hate people that are not honest to themselves. Why hiding? When you have a family that supported you...why you wanna denying this? Menyampah betul aku.....I told him it doesn't matter whether he's married, divorced or single...I will still be his frens...but...arrrghhhhh

Men....when you r not truthfull to yourself, who else going to? Ask yourself..

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