Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dah Lama Tak Gie Jusco's been quite sometime that I've not set my foot at Jusco. I think about more than 4 months...been time for shopping. So today, hubby decided to break fast outside..we ate at the Windmill & guest what? I have to 'tapau' McD for Sofea as usual la.

Well, we arrived almost time to break fast...very late actually about 7.19pm. Most of the customer already seated & already have their meals on the table. My hubby just walk in & ask..."Dik, ada tempat kosong lagi tak? Utk 3 org, bleh?" The waitress seek high & low...thank God there's one place not taken. Quickly we be seated & as we ordered our dah azan..he he he..tu ler siapa suruh lambat lagi. Sofea already nagging me, "Ibu, pea nak McD..cepat lah". Ayoo yooo, I belum sip apa2 drink rushed to McD...

Wow!!! It was quite a long line as they have this special ramadhan deals...same as their lunch deal. Quite


msian expat said...

I havent been to Jusco for almost 10 months:)

I do miss the amusement park...especially the "tembak2" lol~

I'll definitely go to Jusco Ayer Keroh in 2 months time! I come:P

Aktif Mama (Sal) said...

Alahai....cian dia. Dah lama x gie Jusco...xpe nanti balik sini..nak tido kat Jusco pun boleh...he he he

Aku pun dah about 4 mths x gie sana