Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breakfast Talk.....

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast......everyday nak kena think about what to have for breakfast, where to have it.  A daily routine that I let's talk about what kind of breakfast we should or shouldn't have.  Biasa lah for Malaysia & me, nasi lemak/roti canai/capati/lontong/mee goreng/mee kari & etc.....uuhhhh I could never stop.  There's load variety of choices for breakfast meal.  Kadang-kadang tu gie jugak telan breakfast meal at McD.  Usually, we don't have breakfast at home especially for working people.  Dah ler bangun pagi-pagi, siapkan our children for school then siapkan diri sendiri and sometimes sempat jugak swept the house, hang the clothes that been washed at nite time.  Tu yang takde masa nak breakfast kat umah.  By early morning, kita dah dok terpacak kat kedai mamak eating roti canai with teh tarik....yummmy.

For me normally, I will have something light from home for example - a slice of toast bread with jam, a bowl of cereal or sometimes only a mug of hot Milo or tea.

This is what I've just had last 15 minutes, a bowl of cereal.  Sometimes makan jugak nasi lemak or soto ayam early in the morning.....hmmmm tetiba teragak nak makan maggie goreng plak.  Then, bila gie ofis dah tentu aku gie sapedek ngan geng-geng.  Perrghhh! Nie dah rasa banda macam dah nak montel balik dahh.

And I surely wish, how I can have this for my breakfast..................nampak yummy kan?
Verangan lah cik Salina oiii! Sapa plak nak prepare for you in the morning.  Kan best kalau kite boleh employ org just to cook meals for us.  Ohhhh! Bestnyer.  Hahaha, in your dreams lah.  Kalau lembu tukar jadik ayam pun belum tentu lagi ko dapat Salina ooiiii! Verangan tak sudah-sudah.....

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